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<empty> VISION


I hold a vision in which we remember ourselves whole and living in peace.


<empty> BELIEFS


  1. In Spirit as a divine living presence connecting all physical life, nature and mystery.

  2. In Destiny where each soul’s journey is uniquely connected to Spirit.

  3. In a Choice to awaken to a path of heart.

  4. In the Intrinsic Value of all beings connected through Spirit.

I believe in a divine presence that is greater than I am and connected to all that is. I am guided to awaken to my own unique destiny that fulfills the path of my soul. I come to this awareness and make a choice by opening my heart. I believe that all beings have a value and purpose unique to them and connected to the whole of creation.




  1. Joy is an appropriate response to the experience of grace, engaging with the Great Mystery of Spirit and the miracle of life.

  2. Compassion in the witnessing of self and others that supports the great journey of life.

  3. Truth as one layer of conscious reality brings awareness and opens a door to the complex structure of existence where many truths co-exist.

  4. Service to others in the present moment ripples out to many and back into self, creating a circle of well-being.

  5. Kindness is one of the greatest gifts we can give or receive.

  6. Synchronicity increases our awareness and engagement with the greater circle of life.

  7. Balance of light and dark, revealed and hidden, manifest and unmanifest, in its time can create great harmony.

  8. Cycles flow as energy interacts and changes. Acknowledging and consciously working with cycles allows changes to flow more smoothly.

  9. Love and peace are a powerful presence we can cultivate and grow.




  1. Meditation and perceptual shift

  2. Relationship with the divine through the ordinary

  3. Learning and growing, opening and expanding the mind and consciousness

  4. Community both large and small

  5. Nature as connection and communion

  6. Love for self and others

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