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“Wise Woman, Healer, Psychic”

“I don’t think I can express in words what my sister Jaes Seis means to me, but I will try.

We met over 12 years ago in a very magical way and immediately recognized each other from long, long ago. It was a wonderful reunion of our souls. Since then we have been walking together the path of Spirit and the path of unconditional love and sisterhood. Over time we have been discovering so many similarities in our lives, like the way life has tried us so we could be the medicine women we are. It has been a rough path that we both walked with so much faith and surrender. Jaes is my soul sister and she has been there to hold me, to heal me and to support me in my difficult and painful moments.

When I met her she was already a medicine woman, one completely committed to her spiritual and healing path. She started by healing herself and accepting her gifts that are many. With time I have seen how she has become more powerful and assertive, more loving and understanding, more beautiful and free.

Her healing ways are so inspiring and so real, one feels the deep connection she has with Spirit.

Her knowledge is also vast, she has studied with many cultures and now she draws from all her learning and from her deep connection to Spirit.”

My love and respect to a powerful shaman and medicine woman,"


San Alfonso, Chile, December 2008



"I feel such immense gratitude for knowing you and I hope to continue being connected for a long time.  You have a special way of being down to earth, authentic with immense compassion, common sense, and a great ability to read the ways of the heart and soul.  You are a seer and a rare treasure on this earth.  Thank you for helping me with your guidance and care."

Bonnie Milgram, MA,LPC-Mind/Body Psychotherapist



"Jaes Seis is an extraordinary teacher.  She uses her broad knowledge and experience to weave together classes that are journeys of insight and healing.  Jaes is a compassionate and powerful shaman who guides you through other planes of reality safely and wisely.  Her classes are healing and empowering, nourishing and delightful, surprising and satisfying.  My apprenticeship with her has changed me in profound ways and very much for the better."

Carol Marshall, Business Analyst



"Jaes is a good listener. She is very compassionate. Her counseling skills are highly developed."

Marcia Pollock, LCSW



"Jaes is one of the best people/teachers/healers I have ever met. She is exceptional. She is highly perceptive and great working with all kinds of people. She is empathic, wise and caring. She would be a tremendous asset to any workplace or person who receives her services."

Alison Einbender, PhD psychologist


“You have been a gift in my life. You helped me see my parents in glory, Jaes. For that, I am forever grateful.”



“Jaes Seis is exceptional person and the best teacher and healer I have ever met. She is very compassionate, knowledgeable, supportive and passionate. Jaes changed my children’s lives and mine in a beautiful way.”

Olesya Minton


“I am a close friend of Angelina, so much so we refer to each other as soul sisters.  Angelina is so full of life now compared to two years ago that when she told me of her Shamanic experience with you, I of course was quite happy and excited for her.  She has grown very fast in the last few years and has become quite wise in matters of the spirit.  She had great faith in what I had guided her to in matters of the spirit that I feel the same in following her guidance.  If it is at all possible I would like to schedule a session with you. “




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