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Jaes Seis is available for private sessions

in Madison, WI,

Ft Lauderdale/Miami, FL
Please contact (jaesseis@gmail.com)



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About Shamanic Healing: History | Modern | Soul & Destiny Retrieval | Extraction | Illumination

Why I do What I Do

Shamanic healing may be experienced as an active form of prayer. The Shaman journeys through spiritual realms in order to access information and energy that is lost, misplaced, out of harmony or absent. The Shaman acts in a spiritual capacity on behalf of those requesting it, to restore harmony. Often a Shaman will work with the luminous body otherwise known as the electromagnetic field or aura, usually through the chakras. Shamanic treatment and intervention has been known to greatly accelerate personal healing especially in collaboration with other healing modalities. It can move people out of a stuck state and reconnect them with a new sense of vitality and wholeness. Healing is a mystery and shamans enter this mystery.

Jaes has provided private sessions of spiritual healing, counseling and energy medicine for men, women and children of all ages and backgrounds since 1991. Having worked with over 1000 clients by 2001 and performed as many Soul Retrievals, Jaes utilizes tremendous experience with each person. Naturally psychic, clairvoyant and experienced in various forms of divination, symbolism and metaphysical studies and sciences such as astrology, Jaes uses her varied and accomplished skills to guide and support individual healing and transformation. Jaes has worked for over 15 years by donation and has a suggested fee schedule for services. Contact Jaes for more information.



⊕ Shamanic Healing Sessions are by appointment. Distance Healing is possible although in-person sessions are recommended. Preparation, information and confirmation of a session usually take place by email.

⊗ The first part of a session generally involves talking as Jaes begins tracking the energy of ancestry, past and present experience and awareness of the relational network involved in the client’s life. One person’s healing is connected to many. The second part of the session involves a healing ceremony where unique combinations of shamanic processes or interventions are utilized. Each ceremony is specific to the individual at that particular time. In general there is the possibility of releasing stagnancy, retrieving energy and essence and illuminating the chakras or light body. Sometimes people will bring a family member or loved one to support them in the ceremony. Letting others know about the ceremony can encourage support of the sacred process of healing and the personal journey the client is embarking on.

⊕ A CD is made of the Shamanic Journey and given to the client. Closure, aftercare and suggestions of follow-up treatment complete the session.


Options & Timing:

There are several options for shamanic healing sessions.

A one-time session involving a concentrated, complex-layered-healing ceremony that generally includes Soul Retrieval might be chosen by a person particularly when traveling a long distance. This type of session may also benefit those who are struggling with debilitating chronic symptoms. These specialized sessions can run as long as 3 hrs and involve a period of integration of up to a year. Family and community support as well as other healing modalities such as medical and therapeutic support work best in collaboration with this treatment.

A series of sessions is highly recommended for a more gradual and graceful yet substantial healing experience. The first session usually involves tracking ancestry, history and healing intentions followed by a ceremony to clear, ground and connect the client more personally to light, their power and to nature. The second session may involve deeper releasing and or retrieval of soul parts that return life essence. A third session continues the process of integrating wholeness and or release of intrusive or negative energies. These sessions are generally 1-2 hours in length and can be weeks or a month apart.

One to two hour sessions regularly for spiritual direction and guidance are possible for a limited number of people at a time. You can check with Jaes for openings for work on a regular basis over a longer period of time. These sessions involve a commitment to the healing process and are negotiated with each client in regards to their particular needs and goals. Jaes utilizes methods of mapping and tracking an individual’s life for healing and life purpose using tools such as astrology, moon rhythms, divination, dream interpretation, guided imagery and relaxation techniques, ceremony and ritual.

Distance healing is available and conducted by phone before and after the ceremony of healing. It is basically the same process as a session in person. It is preferable to make the effort to be physically present for a session whenever possible.


Types of Shamanic Healing Practices & Spiritual Counseling may include:

  • Soul Retrieval, Spirit /Animal Guide Retrieval, Light Body, Chakra Illumination, Extraction, Destiny Retrieval, Life Transition Support, Birthing and Dying support, Death Rites, Psychopomp
  • Sound Healing
  • Divination, Readings of Probabilities and Possibilities, Dream Interpretation, Energy Tracking, Animal and Nature Symbolism, Astrological Interpretation
  • Life Mapping and Review especially during Transition and for Transformation
  • Cleansing and Purification


Ceremonies may include:

  • Personal, Couple, Family and Community Rites of Passage & Ritual
  • Despacho Ceremonial Offering (Peruvian)
  • Fire ceremony
  • Water ceremony
  • Machitun Healing Ceremony (Chilean)

Jaes offers Classes and Spiritual Travel Please check the calendar for more information.


Jaes has been presenting and teaching a wide variety of shamanic workshops and classes since 1995 and organizing trips for spiritual purposes.


Teaching & Spiritual Mentoring can include:

  • Presentations on the history and practice of Shamanism 1-3 hours
  • Day and Weekend workshops on topics of Shamanic spiritual & healing practices
  • Shamanism as a Life Path
  • Shamanism & the Mystery of Healing 4 part series
  • The Sacred Sisterhood Women’s series Rites of Passage and Initiation, 5-part series
  • Shamanic Apprenticeship 10-part 2-year series
  • The Six Petal Meditation used in sessions, presentations and workshops
  • Shamanism and Light Body healing documentary movies created by Jaes and used for teaching
  • Contemplative Writing classes focusing on Reminiscence, Mythic and Transformative Life Story writing


Spiritual Travel involves

Mystical healing ceremony and powerful learning experiences with local and indigenous Medicine People and Shamans in South America, including Chile, Bolivia and Peru.

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About Shamanic Healing:


Shamanic healing is a natural process used and developed by ancient indigenous people and is believed to be as old as human consciousness itself. Nearly every culture throughout time has practiced forms of spiritual healing that are often described as Shamanic. Every culture and every generation has its Shamans, those who are called into the service of their community through a spiritual awakening and the development of unique psycho/spiritual gifts.

The word “Shaman” comes through Russia, from the Tungusic šamán meaning, to know (Eliade, 1964). Shamans acquire what might be called supernatural powers as a result of direct personal experience with the numinous. They have the ability to enter into an ecstatic state of consciousness and to return to ordinary consciousness. The Shaman serves primarily in the role of healer and engages with the spiritual realms accompanied by a “tutelary spirit,” a helping spirit (Eliade, 1964).

Shamans have been identified with wild creatures since Paleolithic times (Halifax, 1982). Shamans have an animistic relationship with nature and the cosmos, visioning and journeying in three spiritual realms outside of linear time and space. Shamans know that these spiritual worlds interact and connect to ordinary reality and can affect it.

The practice of extraction of object intrusion is the first evidence of disease theory found in Afro-Eurasia early in the Paleolithic era. Later in the Paleolithic era the healing technique of Soul Retrieval began in Siberia followed by extraction of spirit intrusion at the end of the Pleistocene era in Western Asia. Sorcery as a disease theory was widespread (Ellenberger, 1970).

Christian missionaries and monks in the 13th century recorded Siberian shamanic practices (Hutton, 2001). The work of 16th century European anthropologists, and later scientific, archeological, and photographic records formed the body of information used to understand shamanism in history.



Romanian religious historian and philosopher, Mircea Eliade wrote about Shamanism and suggested common and consistent aspects and practices of shamanic cultures over time throughout the world. This book was translated into English in 1964 inspiring modern anthropologists to study and write their own experiences. Two such anthropologists who formed successful international organizations teaching a hybridization of shamanic practices for modern use are Michael Harner, Foundation for Shamanic Studies and Alberto Villoldo, Four Winds Society. A wealth of information can be found in books and through the voices and experiences of shamans sharing their wisdom and experience with seekers. The brief list of suggested readings can be used as a resource for more information.

Shamanic healing today is used for the same reason it has been used for thousands of years. It works. It may seem exotic and unusual from a modern perspective, but when people see and feel results they become convinced. They in turn share their experience with other people. Shamanism expands the possible options for those seeking balance, healing and wholeness and a greater sense of well-being in living and dying.

Specific forms of shamanic healing may vary culturally, but core aspects become familiar during actual healing processes. If the human experience in life is viewed as an interrelationship with all life in physical reality and in the unseen and mysterious realms sometimes known as energy or spiritual realms, we begin to glimpse the experience of the Shaman. A human life in microcosm holds the whole of creation as vast as a universe and tiny and unique as a grain of sand.

The Shaman leaps into the paradox, the doorway between worlds and discerns the fluidity or stagnancy of an individual, situation, circumstance or place. Ideally a healthy living being experiences a dynamic reciprocal interrelationship with the rest of creation. They are able to fulfill their own unique purpose and destiny in life. When this is not so and suffering motivates action to create change, a shaman will intervene on behalf of that person, (community, animal, land, etc.) The healing methodology generally includes creating movement where there is stagnancy and connection where there is loss or disconnection. There exists the possibility for tremendous variations in healing practices. Each Shaman must integrate and digest their experience and what they’ve learned from their teachers to make it their own.


After more than 30 years of learning and healing, I’ve found that there are three qualities that make a Shamanic Practitioner effective as a healer:

  • Their personal relationship to the Mystery, (the Source, the Divine, God, Creation, Great Spirit)
  • The care and well-being of their own Medicine Body
  • Their ability to create Sacred Space


When these qualities are strong, the shamanic healing techniques used become powerful. The client’s healing intention and willingness to change provides the synergistic momentum needed for balance and harmony to take place. The healing of one person is the healing of many. There can be a tremendous ripple effect moving mysteriously out into the lives and situations of those connected through time; past, present and future.

Shamans have been called “wounded healers”. They have gone through a personal experience that has taken them to the depths of loss and suffering often dying and being reborn infused by spiritual presence. The Shaman’s healing ability stems from their experience of transforming and being transformed by great challenge. Exile is a common experience during the initiation of a Shaman. Something causes a separation from those they will someday return to and serve. The initiation of a Shaman is as unique as each Shaman and provides the special medicine that they carry and offer to share with others. For this reason people are intuitively drawn to a Shamanic practitioner. Resonance, synchronicity and sometimes an act of fate unites the shaman and their specific medicine with a person needing or seeking that connection and influence.

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Soul Retrieval brings back essential life force to individuals who may have lost it. Trauma is a primary cause of soul loss. Part of a person’s consciousness separates from their body in order to survive trauma while it is occurring. When that aspect of the person’s consciousness naturally returns and reintegrates with their body, greater functioning is possible, freeing their miraculous internal healing processes. When this return is incomplete or absent, pain, suffering, illness, disability, obsession, reoccurring traumas, addictions and other symptoms of loss can occur. Over years of time adaptations to loss can effect a whole lifetime and even generations to come. Soul Retrieval can restore the original life force and reconnect a person with their life path and purpose. The healing effect ripples out to those connected and back again, creating a circle of well-being. It is an extremely efficient process that some have claimed saved them years of therapy. Change is accelerated when spiritual wholeness is returned. An individual has a greater ability to move towards a higher destiny when they feel whole.


Destiny Retrieval is the reconnection of possibilities and probable realities that are highly favored and hopeful. In shamanism time is not linear. Time is circular. The Shaman can assist by redirecting energy lost from the past or from the future, connecting an individual with their highest destiny.


Extraction is utilized as an intervention to release negative, toxic, entangling energies that attach or become embedded in the luminous body. Sometimes extraction can involve the release of entities that may be lost or trapped, returning the entities to where they belong.


Illumination and working with light in the luminous body is generally done through the chakras. It is always an aspect of healing.


Birth and Death Rites are traditionally the domain of the Shaman who assists coming and going between the worlds of physicality and spirit. The transition in and out of physical life are supported, prepared for and assisted during difficulty to bring harmony to those being born and giving birth, to the living, dying and the dead.


Why I do what I do

I have often been asked how it is that I came to do the work of a Shaman or Medicine Person. It is a long story that involved an intense 40-year initiation. I answered ‘yes’ to the call early in life and stepped consciously into my own healing and the role of healer with all of its ambiguity. I walked the winding path of healing myself and responded to the requests of others seeking relief from suffering. I’ve experienced incredible miracles and great joy.

Although I have had the most wonderful and diverse teachers, I did not learn the essence of what I do from a book or in a workshop and neither can I write it into words or teach it in a workshop. It is a way of being and a call to service. As I have learned from my teachers so I too teach to help awaken the inner knowing, the deep remembering and ability that is our birthright as human beings. What else could I do in the times we live in except become part of the dynamic change and shift in consciousness? This change flows from the ancient roots of our ancestral past and from the future of who we are becoming individually and as a new world.

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Shamanism, semi-annual journal of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies www.shamanism.org 415-380-8416


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