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Six Petal Meditation CD $18. includes domestic postage

  • Track 1 Six Petal 27 min

  • Track 2 Three Axis 14 min

  • Track 3 Peruvian Whistling Vessels 2 min

The Six Petal Meditation is a guided meditation used in Jaes’ classes that is a unique and inspired compilation created from various sources. The Three Axis meditation can be added to the basic Six Petal Meditation. The Whistling Vessel track is created from playing 7 Peruvian double-chambered whistling vessels that assist perceptual shift and call in the Luminous Ones.


Please send a check and your delivery address to:
Jaes Seis at PO Box 290024 Davie, FL 33329 |jaesseis@gmail.com!!




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