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Jaes Seis Teaching Calendar:

2013 Schedule of events with Shaman Teacher Jaes Seis




Private sessions with Jaes:

Madison, WI March 6 – April 16th Sessions by distance and in person in Madison, WI and Davie, Florida. Call or write for more information and to schedule an appointment.



July 10 – 24th A Time of Grace, 8th Annual Peru Pilgrimage to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, with in-depth experiential teachings at sacred sites from our heart-centered Shaman Sisters and Brothers in Peru, planting fertile seeds of inner transformation that continue to grow for life. Group of 14. See more details on travel

Download Peru Pilgrimage flyer


December 6 – 15th, 2013 A Journey into the Sacred Arms of the Mother Earth with Luzclara and Jaes by horseback in the Andes Mountains Cordillera of Cajón del Maipo, Chile

Join us for a celebration of women’s mysteries connecting with our Pachamama, bringing healing to every part of your being. We’ll assist you in your transformational process with herbs, sound, water, fire and pure light. You’ll participate in ancient healing ceremonies of the traditional Machitún from the Mapuche tradition and you’ll experience how we invite the spirits of the Earth to join with us. Through rites of passage you will release what no longer serves you, creating an opportunity to discover many gifts that are waiting to expand you into living your most fulfilling life.

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Shamanic Apprenticeship Series 2013-2014

Medicine Wheel - Mesa Initiation & Training

A series of six intensive three-day weekends are held approximately five to eight weeks apart.

Suggested dates may change to allow all interested participants to attend:

1st Circle Miami, Florida suggested start date Sept 13-15 or Sept 27-29th.

11th Circle Madison, WI Nov 8-10th.

Fee: $255 each weekend.


A personal initiatory process of awakening within sacred space, in community. Installation of shamanic lineage rites of passage.

Cultivate and grow mythic archetypal essence from ancestral shamanic traditions, planted as fertile seeds into the ground of your being.

Live in the heart of your true power and purpose.


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Florida Workshops:

March 2nd 1 – 5 PM

Awakening through Shamanism. An introduction to meditation, shamanic journeying and ceremony to awaken consciousness. Recommended before taking the Sacred Sisterhood.


April 27th, May 11, 25th, June 8th. 10 AM – 6 PM

Sacred Sisterhood Women’s Mysteries Using the Medicine Wheel for Rites of Passage. Four gatherings in sacred space for personal healing and transformation grounded in community. Group of 10.

Download Sacred Sisterhood flyer



Madison, Wisconsin Workshops:

April 13-14th, 10 AM – 6 PM

The Divine Within. With Marcia Pollock. We will explore the archetypes of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine for a deeper sense of our participation in creation. Harmonizing inner Divinity, body and soul enlivens our purpose.


June 29th, 10 AM – 6 PM

Embrace of the Great Mother, with Elizabeth Doyle. An encounter with the Divine Feminine, shadow and light, experienced and embodied through shamanic journey, ceremony, movement, and art. A day of fun, mystical expansion and creativity. No prior artistic or shamanic experience needed.


Advanced Apprenticeship for Mesa Carriers

with Marcia Pollock and Sharon Gerrity

April 4 – 7th, Death - Transformation & Mesa Medicine

June 20 - 23rd, Healing Practices of Soul and Destiny Retrieval with Illumination and Sound. The anatomy of the soul will be explored. You will learn healing work by distance and proxy. Client work, with discussion of experiences, ethics and follow up care emphasized.

Oct 3 – 6th, Community Healing, to learn methods for organizing and creating healing ceremonies, working together through a shared intention. Learn how to creatively guide a healing for others. This weekend is designed to take everything we’ve learned and add the element of community and service.

Nov 14 – 17th, Practical Shamanism, for modern use, including house blessings, clearings, baby blessings, creating rites of passage ceremonies, understanding and taking a look at your own personal calling and path of shamanism.


Jaes Seis, jaesseis@gmail.com 608-279-6669 P O Box 290024 Davie, FL 33329-0024 www.jaesseis.com


Jaes Seis has been teaching and practicing shamanic healing since 1990 and is dedicated to awakening consciousness and empowering wholeness in individuals and communities.


Jaes has an MA in Consciousness Studies with a focus on shamanism, psychology and archetypes including the Divine Feminine. She has organized yearly pilgrimage since 2004 to sacred sites with Medicine Men and Women in Chile, Bolivia and Peru. A mesa carrier, she is initiated in the Peruvian Apu’s Andean shamanic lineage by Qero’ Elders including Don Manuel Quispe, Don Francisco and others. Jaes has studied with Alberto Villoldo beginning in 1996, completing the Light Body School, Medicine Wheel and Mastery programs of the Four Winds Society, with Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies workshops since 1990 with Sandra Ingerman, organizing workshops and pilgrimage with Luzclara, from Chile since 1996, as well as attending and presenting at numerous other workshops and shamanic conferences internationally. Jaes founded and was president of Pachamama Inc. a non-profit shamanic community organization based in SW Wisconsin 1995-2008. Jaes’ first and most profound initiation and shamanic training began at an early age through her own healing and awakening process in nature.








Jaes Seis Travel Calendar:

A Time of Grace 2013

8th Annual Pilgrimage with Jaes

Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley Peru

July 11 – 24th for 14 Days / 14 Nights


Download flyer with registration form


Wednesday July 10, Day 0: ~ /Lima
Arrive PM Lima, taxi to hotel to rest before morning flight.


Thursday July 11, Day 01: ~ /Cusco
Arrival at Cusco, transfer from airport to hotel. First gathering, acclimation, rest, coca tea, explore Cusco, San Blas Hotel.


Friday 12 Day 02: ~ / Cusco to Pisaq, Sacred Valley
Visit Condor refuge on way to Paz y Luz . Despacho ceremony with a Q’ero shaman, fire ceremony. Paz y Luz.


Saturday July 13 Day 03: ~ /Pisaq, Sacred Valley

Explore Pisac ruins, morning. Afternoon in rich colorful diverse market Plaza. Paz y Luz


Sunday - Wednesday July 14-17th, Day 04-07: ~ /Pisaq, Sacred Valley
Apprenticeship at sacred sites with Shamans. This will be an extended immersion into Andean mysticism. Paz y Luz.


Thursday July 18, Day 08: ~ /Cusco
Drive to Zona X above Cusco, the womb of Pachamama cave. Receive the Pampa Misayoq Rite from a Q’ero Shaman. Stay in San Blas.


Friday July 19, Day 09: ~ /Explore the ancient temples above Cusco: Tambo
Machay, Q'enko, Sacsaywaman. Afternoon free. San Blas.


Saturday July 20, Day 10: ~ /Cusco/ Free day, or volunteer at hospital.
Prepare small bag, leave luggage San Blas, Cusco.


Sunday July 21, Day 11: ~ /Machu Picchu/ Aguas Calientas
Morning train, a guide at Machu Picchu. Hotel in Aguas Calientas.


Monday July 22, Day 12: ~ /Machu Picchu/Aguas Calientas
Dawn meditation at Machu Picchu. Opportunity to climb Wyna Picchu. Aguas Calientas hotel.


Tuesday July 23, Day 13: Cusco
Train returning to Ollantaytambo ruins, Bus to Cusco. Hotel, San Blas.


Wednesday July 24, Day 14: Cusco/Lima
Transport to airport for home destinations.


Thursday July 25, Day 15: Arrival to home destinations.


Fee: $2635. Send $500 deposit to RSVP
Double occupancy, breakfasts, ground transportation, guides, shamans, admission fees for all activities listed.




Travel to sacred sites can change and
transform the soul.
Our intentions can engage the Divine Feminine
through the Earth, to rebirth our consciousness
into more harmony and wholeness.

Jaes is spiritually connecting to the Great Mother in both
her dark & light presence on this 7th annual pilgrimage.







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