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Shamanic Healing Practitioner


Spiritual Mentor, Counselor









Jaes Seis

Jaes walks the path of Spirit committed to engaging with the Great Mystery and the miracle of life with gratitude, awe, wonder and humility. Since the age of eight Jaes has held a profound and mystical vision of life, aware of the spiritual presence and interaction between various layers and levels of reality. Through initiatory processes and education directly in nature and from diverse teachers and cultures, Jaes has honed her skills and gifts as a teacher and practitioner of ancient healing methods with a unique spiritual mastery. Jaes is a Mesa Carrier initiated in the Peruvian Inka tradition and a Kultrun Carrier initiated in the Chilean Mapuche tradition. As a shamanic healing practitioner with over 18 years experience, Jaes specializes in performing Soul Retrieval. She takes great care and joy in mirroring the light of the soul, helping others re-member themselves whole.


Since 1995 Jaes has been presenting and teaching shamanic workshops and classes. From 1998-2008 she founded and served as President of Pachamama Inc. a shamanic community non-profit organization in which she developed a wealth of experience. Jaes believes we are only beginning to realize the important potentials of being conscious individuals creating new communities in modern life. Our willingness to explore unfamiliar terrain allows both the wisdom of our ancestors and the hope of our descendants to inspire our efforts.




Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice still in existence today. A Shamanic worldview is one that sees beyond the arbitrary separations of status and understands the sacredness and value in all life. There is spirit and connection between all things. Shamans engage in an animistic relationship with nature.
Spirit often calls a Shaman into the service of their community through an opportunity in a life-challenging situation that may include an experience with death. This challenge opens a door to spiritual awareness, brings gifts and a direct connection with spiritual realms that allow the shaman to access information and energy for healing and harmony. Every culture and generation has their shamans who serve as intermediators between the worlds and who can hold a vision of a higher destiny that might be seeded into the present and cultivated to fruition.



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